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Life of Field Chemical Injection Design Tool

Life of Field Chemical Injection Design Tool

Life of Field Chemical Injection Design Tool

Unique processes and proprietary software tools, providing optimized design decisions and equipment specifications



As the chemical injection system often crosses the boundaries of the topsides, subsea and completion domains information between these interfaces is often not communicated. This can lead to sub optimal chemical injection system design.



A more rigorous well life-cycle design process is available, incorporating both Petroleum Experts ‘Prosper’ and proprietary Petroleum Technology Company software. It facilitates the consideration of the entire chemical injection system from topsides to down hole and includes a wider range of life-cycle operating conditions and data uncertainties.



Well reliability is enhanced and life-cycle productivity is optimized, this is as a result of full system modeling. The impact of design compromises and uncertainties are addressed to facilitate better informed decisions regarding valve crack open pressure, control line test pressure and control line sizing.

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