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SaveFlo Autonomous Annulus Bleed off System
SaveFlo Autonomous Annulus Bleed off System
SaveFlo Autonomous Annulus Bleed off System
Annular Safety Valve V0 rated (bubble tight) Packer

Solutions for today's Completion challenges.

Today as operators move into more challenging enriornments there is increased pressure to reduce costs while improving well integrity and reliability. PTC, founded with the vision to improve the existing technologies in response to specific client requests has over the years developed many innovative completion solutions which save money and improve well integrity.


SaveFlo Autonomous Annulus Bleed off System

Annulus pressure build up during well start up or due to leaks or gas venting is common. Annulus pressure, if not managed carefully, can collapse or burst tubular strings, exacerbate integrity issues or damage ESP cable (ED). Effective bleed off rate control using subsea or dry tree valves is almost impossible and requires human intervention.


PTC’s SaveFlo bleed off valve provides automatic pressure relief with bleed off rate control. SaveFlo is installed and run as an integral part of the tubing sting. It will be set up to open and close at predetermined annulus to tubing pressure differentials, allowing annulus pressure venting into the tubing.



Annular Safety Valve (ASV)  Packer

Gas lifted wells typically have a large volume of explosive lift gas contained in the A annulus of the well. Major damage to the wellhead can result in the uncontrolled escape and ignition of the lift gas with catastrophic consequences for both personnel and equipment. Designing a retrievable ASV packer capable of containing the lift gas over the life of the well has been a major challenge for the industry.


PTC’s ASV packer features a solid mandrel design with cut to release functionality, providing a gas tight barrier in an easily retrievable packer.