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About Petroleum Technology Company

PTC continuously develops new solutions and innovations that advance the reliability and functionality of our products. We are and shall remain at the forefront of the technology development, within the fields that we operate in. Our Design and Manufacturing track record is best characterized as:


 ’People may doubt what you say, but they will always believe what you do’.


Our reputation for the design and manufacture of high quality products, is a result of the innovative nature and the unique skills of our employees, along with our design processes, and unrelenting focus on service quality. Our quality management system is in compliance with the API Q1 and ISO 9001 standards.


Since our inception in 2002, we have innovated and patented technologies to improve production efficiency and the integrity of our clients’ wells. Here are some of our most radical innovations, shaping the industry today:


  • 2005 - HSAS: World’s first Hydraulically Operated Surface Annular Safety Valve
  • 2005 - World’s first 13 5/8” VO ASV Dual Bore Packer
  • 2007 - VR Sense: World’s first VR sensor
  • 2007 - SafeLift: World’s first barrier qualified TR2385 Gas Lift Valve
  • 2008 - SafeLift IPO: World’s first 10KPSI IPO Gas Lift Unloading Valve
  • 2012 - ShearLift T: World’s first Tubing Pressure Shearable GLV (Activate multiple GLV’s in one run)
  • 2014 - World’s first 20KPSI HPHT Side Pocket Mandrel (SPM)
  • 2014 - DuraLift: World's first Gas Lift Valve which mechanically inhibits the deposition of scale 
  • 2015 - NexLift SI: World’s first NON-welded SPM fully machined from a single piece of steel
  • 2016 - NexLift RO: World’s first SPM with only 2 (robotic) welds and no final straightening required after heat   treatment
  • 2017 – SafeLift XT: World’s first 17KPSI Gas Lift Valve for extreme conditions
  • 2017 – ShearLift XT: World’s first 17KPSI shearable Gas Lift Valve for extreme conditions
  • 2017 - NexLift SI-B: World’s first dual barrier NON welded SPM
  • 2018 – VR Sense R: World’s first Retrievable VR Sensor